Staying connected

These are challenging times, and extraordinary temporary measures have been put in place to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread.

Social distancing does not have to be social isolation.

My services are for the moment available mainly via online counselling using telephone, WhatsApp FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

In accordance with present professional bodies, government, NHS guidance, recommendations and rules, yours and my sense of safety, if possible and allowed we may decide to meet in-person for the first two meetings before commencing therapy. See the page on in-person counselling for more info about that.

Once you have contacted me we will agree on a good time for both of us to have a 15 min conversation to know a bit more about each other and think together whether we would like to have a first session via Skype, phone or WhatsApp facetime. We will also discuss on how to think about a safe and confidential space for you to have therapy.

You can find more details about online counselling here.

Stay connected, stay safe.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

(J.R.R. Tolkien, 1954)

I’m Vanessa, a qualified counsellor and therapist trained in psychodynamic counselling, psychotherapy and CBT, practicing in the Romford area. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and NCS (National Counselling Society). Both registers have been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Maybe you are struggling with the things of life, may be it is already a while you have been surfing the web wandering whether Counselling or CBT is something good for you. If this is the case, then searching out for some help is a very good decision.

Sometimes you might find yourself:

  • Fearing how it will be like for you once the lockdown ends
  • Having so much anxiety that it feels too much
  • Feeling sad, depression
  • Terrified by a phobia
  • Experiencing pain for the loss of someone or feeling nothing, bereavement
  • Wondering where and who are you in life?
  • Suffering from generalised anxiety disorder or panic attacks
  • Having been through childhood psychological, physical or sexual abuse, neglect and trauma
  • Feeling that work or studies are too much, too stressful
  • In need of someone who can listen to you but not judge
  • Having issues with important relationships
  • Stuck in a way of being, feeling or behaving
  • Going through a divorce
  • Feeling worthless, thick, with no self-esteem
  • Unable to give voice to your feelings or thoughts?

Counselling or CBT are an effective way to cope with tough times in order to change and achieve a happier, more meaningful life.

However, finding the right therapist or counsellor may occasionally feel difficult and intimidating. My way of working is collaborative, non-judgmental and emphatic. We will decide together what is best for you and for how long, keeping into consideration also the practicalities of life.

I understand that taking the first step may be daunting, so to help you start your journey I offer a brief free informal first telephone contact with no obligations.


Vanessa is kind, compassionate and non-judgemental which helped ease the anxiety I felt when speaking openly about my struggles. I am now so much more aware of the way that I think and feel and that’s due to Vanessa’s ability to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Thank you for enabling me to feel more like myself!

C.H. x

I was referred to Vanessa for CBT by my university. From the very first session I felt safe working with her. She has pushed me to get the most from the sessions helping me be open and honest, giving me work to do in my own time and sharing resources – all of which has been key to the progress I have made. I have learnt so much about myself and what I can do to make the most of my life.

Thank you, Vanessa.


Vanessa is a kind and honest therapist. She has helped me in easing my anxiety and evaluate how and why I may be feeling certain ways. The experience has been a rollercoaster but Vanessa was like my seatbelt, made me feel safe and secure.

Thank you,

A.D. x

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