Pet Bereavement & Loss

Pet bereavement counselling

A space for you and your pet.

Deep, important, meaningful connections develop with a wide variety of pets. I appreciate the value of all pets. Horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, reptiles, fishes, snails, gerbils or hamsters, amphibians like frogs, and arthropod such as tarantulas.

Sometimes, others struggle to, or do not recognise the profound impact of pet-bereavement, I offer a space where you are allowed to grieve the loss of your beloved pet.

I trained with the Blue Cross, a CPD accredited certificate in Pet Bereavement Support. Additionally, being a fully professionally qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, I can support you through other issues, such as previous losses or personal crises, that may arise during our work. I also have significant experience as a Bereavement Counsellor to a varied and diverse adult clientele.

Some areas and dilemmas I can help with:

  • Feelings of grief experienced before the death of a pet
  • Euthanasia: when is the right time, how, home or veterinarian, euthanase a horse
  • After-death body care options
  • Missing pets
  • Pet loss in the middle or mature age
  • Having to separate from your pet: divorce, moving, financial issues, allergy, etc.
  • Difficult memories or triggers from other losses raised following the death/loss of a pet
  • A new pet?
  • Feelings of guilt and shame after having euthanased a pet
  • Keeping the memory
  • Difficulty in experiencing the aging of your pet
  • Transitions between assistance animal partners: the arduous emotional task of dealing with a new companion without adjusting to the previous one’s loss
  • Persistent, raw feelings many years after the loss of a pet