Testimonials For Vanessa Zopp

I was keen to find an empathetic and knowledgeable counsellor who would provide practical advice as well as listen. Vanessa was all of this and more for me, and she challenged me in a good way to think deeply about things I had never even considered. I’m extremely grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to seek her services again in the future should I feel the need to.

Thank you, Vanessa!


In March this year I took the decision to seek Counselling. I was given Vanessa’s name from a very good friend. I arranged to meet Vanessa and I can honestly say, it’s been a life changing experience for me – I wish I had done this sooner.

We started off my counselling sessions at her room, which was very professional and welcoming. The smell of bergamot was in the air and the atmosphere was very safe and calming. The first couple of sessions were held at Vanessa’s safe place.

Then the world went into lock down. We talked about doing our sessions via telephone link, but I wasn’t sure how this would work. However, I had started my counselling so I wanted to keep with it. It was strange doing the sessions from the safety of my car. I found a nice quiet spot to park and bought my own bergamot to reproduce the calmness I had found on my visits to Vanessa’s safe place.

Vanessa allows you to just talk and she listens. Occasionally she would ask me to think about what I had just said and how it made me feel. This I took with me after each session. I would digest the session over the course of the following week, it made sense the way she put things.

I learned that I wasn’t responsible for the actions of others and situations that occurred while I was a child. Above all, I learned that Counselling is just like any other form of treatment. She made me view things that had occurred in my life more clearly, and that these things were not my fault. As a result, my self-worth has improved and I feel so much better within myself now. My confidence has improved and I feel I can face the future with more optimism.
I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough. She is amazing at her work. Should I ever feel the need to need to seek counselling again I shall go back to Vanessa.
We all struggle at times and if you hurt your arm you would seek professional help – our brains are just the same as other parts of our bodies.
If you feel you need to speak to someone Vanessa is that person.
Thank you, Vanessa.
Kind Regards

Vanessa is warm and friendly, and her therapy space calm, inviting and cosy. I have been a ‘work in progress’ for the longest of times, but at last I know who I am, I am proud to own my story and would even go as far as saying I love myself now. None of this would have been possible without Vanessa’s continued support over the past 22 months. Therapy with Vanessa has been life changing for me.


Before I met Vanessa and started counselling i didn’t really kong what to expect, and i honestly could not have foreseen the emotional and perspective shifting progress. I came to Vanessa to work through some fairly traumatic topics and her sensitivity and insight made it possible for me to open and dig deep. I am incredibly grateful of Vanessa’s non judgemental tenacious and emphatic approach to counselling.


I can honestly say that my counselling experience with Vanessa has been a fantastic journey. When we first met I was at quite a low ebb, things had come to a head and I desperately needed some help to make sense of what was going on in my head.

Through weekly sessions, Vanessa has helped me unpick my behaviours and thought processes, recognise where/what these could originate from and in turn implement ways in which I can deal with any issues before they become untenable. It has been a truly eye opening process and I wish I had been brave enough to explore counselling sooner.

Vanessa is kind, considerate and understanding. She provides a safe space, is incredibly professional, but most importantly honest and insightful.

Thank you Vanessa!


Going to Vanessa Zopp’s Counselling and CBT is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had never been to see a counsellor or therapist so I was very nervous to start but Vanessa made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She made our time together feel extremely safe and secure. And details I have ever shared with Vanessa never had to be said twice, she remembered all that I decided to share which was so important for me.

Everything Vanessa does is for her client’s benefit, no problem I had was too much or too little to share. If I ever had to reschedule appointments Vanessa was exceptional at working around my needs.

She is a wonderful therapist and a beautiful person, I cannot recommend her enough.


I came to Vanessa with what felt like the world was on my shoulders and left knowing world owes me nothing. The scariest but best decision I have ever made was to do counselling. I have learnt things that will help me for the rest of my life.

Amy Coates

Vanessa is kind, compassionate and non-judgemental which helped ease the anxiety I felt when speaking openly about my struggles. I am now so much more aware of the way that I think and feel and that’s due to Vanessa’s ability to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Thank you for enabling me to feel more like myself!

C.H. x

I was referred to Vanessa for CBT by my university. From the very first session I felt safe working with her. She has pushed me to get the most from the sessions helping me be open and honest, giving me work to do in my own time and sharing resources – all of which has been key to the progress I have made. I have learnt so much about myself and what I can do to make the most of my life.

Thank you, Vanessa.


Vanessa is a kind and honest therapist. She has helped me in easing my anxiety and evaluate how and why I may be feeling certain ways. The experience has been a rollercoaster but Vanessa was like my seatbelt, made me feel safe and secure.

Thank you,

A.D. x

I found myself in quite a lost dark place and I had always quite reserved about therapy. Initially I thought it was a sign of failure on my part. I was proved so so wrong. Vanessa made me think about the things that were causing me distress in a different way, gain perspective on the things I want out of life and learn to let go of the things I shouldn’t be worrying about so much and most importantly, what makes me happy and why, that we all ultimately deserve that. I was able to release so many of the concerns which were making me unhappy, I’ll always be grateful.

I know where you are if I need you again, thanks again.


Vanessa has helped me through a very difficult period. Her approach is very professional and helped me show compassion to myself while enabling me to keep true to my beliefs. I highly recommend Vanessa if you too are struggling in any way.


I started seeing Vanessa during a time of utter chaos, and our weekly sessions provided me with so much needed clarity. She encouraged me to have the confidence in my own thoughts and feelings, something I had suppressed during an emotionally abusive relationship, and breaking away from that cycle led to me feeling free but almost lost at the same time.

Vanessa gently guided me through our weekly psychotherapy sessions, I felt at ease discussing issues I had never previously verbalised, and the time and space we shared allowed me to be greeted by new realisations. It has been liberating to act on these realisations, I have finally set boundaries for my own mental well being, I now feel more confident to say no to things that make me feel uncomfortable, I am now aware that I do have options if I do feel ‘stuck’ in a situation, and I believe I cope much better in a ‘confrontational situation’ now, as I don’t shy away from articulating how I feel.

I shall always be grateful for our sessions, and I cannot thank Vanessa enough for guiding me through such a transitional and pivotal point in my life.


After my first conversation with Vanessa over the phone I was immediately aware of her calming and non-judgemental manner. She has been a great help for my struggles with anxiety and OCD. I have looked forward to our weekly sessions and developed a deeper and more positive understanding of myself.


After my first conversation with Vanessa over the phone I was immediately aware of her calming and non-judgemental manner. She has been a great help for my struggles with anxiety and OCD. I have looked forward to our weekly sessions and developed a deeper and more positive understanding of myself.


I started CBT Therapy with Vanessa last year when I was going through a particularly bleak time in my life. I felt angry, worthless and completely isolated in my own little world. It was through my sessions with Vanessa that I realised that all these emotions and negative thoughts were a product of my own negative thinking patterns and my core belief that I was fundamentally inadequate in some way. Throughout our sessions I learned to be kinder to myself and challenge these negative thoughts and assumptions using a number of CBT techniques. I can honestly say that Vanessa has helped me look at life in a different way, and has equipped me with the tools to deal better mentally with any future difficult periods in my life.