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When not having children is not a choice, then it is important having some strategies in place.

The secret to… surviving being childless when it’s not your choice

The secret to… surviving being childless when it‘s not your choice

Seek out other people who know what you‘re going through

Self-compassion helps us build the skills to speak to ourselves in the way we need to be spoken to in order to move toward what's important.

A delicate, meaningful comic on how cooking is a way to communicate, love, and express ourselves. Sometimes we do not need words.

The food of love: cooking brought my family together – a comic

The food of love: cooking brought my family together – a comic

In a family divided by language, food helps to forge connections and communicate – with friends, enemies and oneself

Let's talk about Death.

Hard it may be, it is important to talk about it. A good ending is possible.
If you are in Essex and interested, there are good initiatives to help.

#Death #YouAreNotAlone

Essex County Council on Twitter

“Next month is Dying Matters month and we are holding an event at Chelmsford Cathedral on 16 May with a range of organisations to offer advice, ...

Too many men don't feel comfortable talking about mental health – we’re working with @forduk to change that.

Don't let mental health be the elephant in the room: if your mate’s acting differently, step in.

Image for the Tweet beginning: Too many men don't feel

My favourite is Learn to say no.
Sometimes it is an act of love. 👐

9 Things I Learned In Therapy That I Actually Use Every Day via @tomgvellner

9 Things I Learned In Therapy That I Actually Use Every Day

This is like my mental health toolkit.

When you choose to activate your compassionate mind in a challenging situation and to look deeply into the nature of why certain things are happening the way they are, you will notice that a range of new options for action and inaction will start to present themselves.

Just started today, swimming 22 Miles for @DiabetesUK !
if you wish make a small donation 🙌🙌🌻

Sport is a great helper!

I love swimming, running, walking, going to the gym, pilates and I am horrendous at riding bikes!

It is a beautiful way to reconnect and stay good.

What's your favourite sport ?

#SelfCare #wellbeing #Sport #running #swimming

CALM on Twitter

“84% of men in the UK bottle up their emotions, so we need more environments where it doesn’t feel weird or awkward to open up to someone....

Comics are sometimes one of the most simple way to explain complex ideas on mental health

#mentalhealth #creative #feelings

Debbie Tung on Twitter

“Comic about bottling up emotions. #comics #mentalhealth #infj”

to those who have lost their mothers
who never knew them
who have become estranged
or strained
or abandoned
or abused
those who are not yet mothers
cannot conceive
or don't want to
those for whom motherhood was snatched away
those for whom today is not 'that day'

happy sunday

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