Why Skype online video link?

Research suggests that online video link sessions generate similar positive outcomes of those who attended face to face therapy.

There are many good reasons to have Skype sessions. They can vary:

– you cannot afford childcare
– you need flexibility around your busy life
– you cannot travel
– you are so anxious that you feel more comfortable to stay at home
– you are need some flexibility in your busy life and a bit of more control on the process
– you might have many other good reasons you can think about

Only in some circumstances Skype counselling would be not appropriate: in case of an acute crisis, suicide risk or severe mental health issues. In this case it is always best first to talk with your GP.

How does it work?

Once we will have agreed on day and time you will need to pay in advance via PayPal.

Session length, confidentiality are the same as per face to face counselling.

For your peace of heart you will receive our written counselling agreement at the end of our first appointment after having discussed it together.

What do I need?

First of all you need Skype.

On your PC:
– Make sure to have a reliable internet connection
– Download Skype:
– If your PC does not have any, you will need a web cam and microphone

On your mobile:
– Download the Skype app

Then, look for a comfortable and quiet spot in your place and make sure you are all technologically set up for the time of the session.


Skype sessions are offered at a lower fee compared to face to face and, upon agreement, they can be bulk paid with a discount.

Please click the Pay Now button below to pay with  PayPal Logo  for a:

  • Skype Assessment
  • Skype Counselling Session

The cost is £50 per meeting.

Or click here to pay £60 for a Skype CBT session.