Frequently Asked Questions

What is an assessment?

The first consultation is also known as an assessment and is done before starting therapy. Here, I will ask more information about you, your reasons for coming to therapy and what you hope to gain from therapy. This is also an opportunity for you to reflect on whether you would like to work with me.

During this time we will think together about which modality better fits your needs and we will also agree collaboratively on the duration of therapy.

I usually allow for assessment two meetings of 50 minutes each.

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How do I know what is best between Counselling and CBT?

The way I work is to combine your needs and goals for therapy together with my experience, the most recent research, your preferences and life circumstances. During the first sessions we consider the way CBT and Counselling works. Then we think together taking into account all those elements and identify what may be more appropriate and effective for you.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch with me by dropping a text, a mail or simply call me, details are available on the ‘contact’ page.

You may wish to request an initial session of assessment, which usually takes 50 minutes.

I always aim to give a prompt reply. Please, should you not receive an immediate answer it is most probable that I am in a session with a client, therefore I will contact you back as soon as I can, and always within 24 hours.

Is it confidential?

When you contact me, and discuss with me in sessions, all personal information is treated in the strictest confidence and stays confidential between us.

As a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I have the obligation to meet a supervisor and discuss aspects of our work, but your identity will remain protected.

The only exception for this rule to be broken is if I have reasonable belief that you are at serious risk either to yourself or to others.

What about commitment?

Whatever therapy you might choose it will prove to be a big commitment. The investment you are doing is practical, emotional and economical.

  • Psychodynamic Short Term Counselling: an agreed set of sessions
  • Psychodynamic On-going Counselling: open ended amount of sessions
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): usually 10 – 18 sessions

I think I am too shy

Sometimes the first step seems too much. Sometimes you may wish to be able to approach individual therapy step by step. If this sounds like you why don’t get in touch with me and ask for a free initial informal call of 20 min?

After that, should you wish to work together we may think about having some sessions on the phone before meeting in the consultation room.

What if I cancel a session?

Should you wish to cancel an appointment, for any reason, I require 48 hour advance notice to avoid cancellation charges.  If less than 48 hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling of a session or assessment is given by you the full fee will be payable. For example, if you cancel your appointment on the day, the fee is still due and must be paid your next session. Should you not wish to continue our sessions, I will send a paypall notice via mail or/and an invoice to your home address.  Without this notice any missed session will be counted towards your overall appointments and will need to be paid for.

If I am unwell or unable to attend the session, I will give you as much notice as possible and I will always aim to offer an alternative arrangement. Should I cancel our sessions you will not have to pay for them. I will always do my best to inform you of my absence with significant advance.

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This Policy will be part of our written Counselling agreement which we will discuss and countersign.

For how long should I attend sessions?

This is hard to say. The way I work is to put together the most recent research, your needs and goals for therapy together with my experience, your preferences and life circumstances. During the first session we think together putting all those elements together and we identify what may be more appropriate for you.
As a guidance, although this is not a conclusive response, I use the following ranking:

  • Psychodynamic Short Term Counselling: a an agreed set amount of sessions
  • Psychodynamic On-going Counselling: open ended amount of sessions
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): usually  10 – 18 sessions

How long is each session and how frequent?

Each session lasts 50 minutes. Sessions are held once per week at the same time.