This is my info page about how the in-person face-to-face service may be impacted by the Coronavirus evolving situation.

Presently my services are offered remotely and subject to any updated advice from NHS England and government advice.

Counselling space

Presently the counselling space is closed as per government guidance.

When it will open again, all common surfaces (door handles, handrails etc) and the counselling space (parking pass, chairs, surfaces, laptops, handles etc.) will be routinely treated with a Viricidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Sporicidal cleaner, the same which is used to sanitise operative theatres in hospitals.

Please hand sanitise before and after the session.

Please be aware that there will be no longer any communal tissues, kindly bring your own.


As sessions might be disrupted on a temporary basis, please rest assured that the option of having sessions by phone or video conferencing (skype) is available.


Should I be diagnosed with coronavirus the NHS will require that I divulge a list of people I have come in contact with. In such circumstances, I will inform the NHS of my contact with my clients.