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2nd September 2017

A tale of willingness and a marathon

Some time ago I ran the London Marathon. When on training I was reminded that “if you really want it, then you can get everything”. And I did want it, so I worked out harder and harder for months on end.

Then, just a couple of days before the big day a phone call challenged this view. A very close relative of mine was dying. It was a matter of days.

I managed to say goodbye. I was lucky, saying goodbye is a privilege that does not happen to everyone.

On the marathon day, while running I understood that it is not always possible to get all you want, no matter the training, the love, or the resilience. There is an end to things and I am limited as human and living creature.

It was a humbling, honest experience.

On reflection, this episode reminded me of the counselling journey which helps us unveil our inner truth with grace and sometimes with pain; and how much it is important to choose the right therapist who, with compassion, humbleness and integrity, will walk together the path.

Sometimes there is the need to walk the walk on our own, sometimes with someone else. A counsellor can be that someone.

We are never alone in our walks.